Monday, September 22, 2008

Pirates Updates

I wanted to close the season with a couple optimistic notes, because in spite of being a Pirates fan, I'm not a fatalist.
  • I made another post about Jack Wilson, and I wanted that one to stand on its own with nothing but my admiration for him in it. That being said though, many people believe we have done a good job trading or vetrans for the kind of talent we will need to become a serious threat in the next several years.
  • Jason Alvarez will be competing in a Pirates Jersey.
  • Also there's this quote from Nate McClouth. When he was interviewed post-game, he was asked about the standing ovation Wilson got in the 5th when he came to bat. At first he didn't realize why Pirates fans had been so excited, after he was told about the probable trade he said:

    Well, if that's the case, it was a great show of appreciation for a player who's done a lot for Pittsburgh, on and off the field.

    He started to walk away from the interview, but upon considering it added:

    This tells you something, Pittsburgh isn't some town that's new to baseball. They know what they're watching, what's going on. And you know what that makes me think about? Can you imagine how this place is going to get behind us when we give them something to actually get behind?

    There's nothing I want more than what the Penguins have, to have those people on our side, to have other teams fear coming here. And that might look impossible now, but there was a time not that long ago when you could walk up and get a center-ice seat. Look at it now. ... That's what I want here, in our place. But that's up to us.

    It's attitudes like that that make it possible. I have a deep admiration for Pirates players that never use the phrase "small-market team" or "not enough talent", guys that come to the park every day believing THEY will turn this thing around. As we (probably) say goodbye to one such player in Wilson it's nice to know we have another in Nate.
With that post I'm done with Baseball until next year. Enjoy your off season and try to forget that if we lose again next year it sets the record for the most consecutive losing seasons ever.

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