Monday, September 1, 2008

Reactions to College Football

It was a very interesting week in college football. Here are the headlines you didn't read:

Following a 27-17 loss to Bowling Green, the reactions from Pitt faithful:
  • Wanstedt to Call Porn King of Pittsburgh, Inquires if His Pornstache Can Help Him Launch New Career
  • Mark May's Sleeper Pick Goes to Sleep, Announcer Eats Words, Drinks Whiskey
  • University President Points Out That the Football Team Has Chocked 2 Months Ahead of Schedule, Credits Planning and Watching Mark May Game Film for Efficiency in Achieving Mediocrity

In the wake of Michigan's loss to Utah:

  • Michigan Attorneys Debate Whether Refusing to Pay $4 Million to WVU Would Make Rich-Rod Go Back to Morgantown.
  • Lloyd Carr Enjoys Record Sized Cigar
  • Michigan Athletic Director to Attempt to Schedule Central Catholic High School for Next Year's Opener
  • Big House, Little Team

After Eastern Carolina, lead by QB Patrick Pinkney defeated Virginia Tech:

  • ECU Pirates (1-0) Have Won Infinitely More Games Then Pittsburgh Pirates (0-10) in the Last Week
  • Pinkney and the Brain Plot World Domination

Oh ya, now even with the rule technicalities, no one has won more division I-A games then Joe Paterno. Way to go Joe!

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