Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sour Kraut

I found two stories too interesting to let them pass, but not interesting enough for their own posts:
  • The City's Police Force has written 188 tickets for silly things like profanity. I agree with the ACLU (and the law) that swearing or flipping someone the bird are not acceptable reasons to get a ticket. I further agree with this article that the obvious reason is that it violates the first ammendment. I think there is a less obvious reason that the paper didn't mention... discretion. Discretion is power and police officers should hold as little of it as possible. By virtue of the fact that cops wear a gun or a billy club, they already have enough, just ask Rodney King. That might of been a little harsh, but it's worth mentioning so as not to forget. It's not that all cops are bad (the majority of the ones I know are nothing short of true heros), it's a simple matter of limiting the opportunities they have to "misinterpret" a person or a situation for any reason.
  • So, this article posted to OnMilwaukee.com shows why Trenni moved back home to WI. It also breaks down the Burgh vs Milwaukee. Having never been to Milwaukee, it seems Trenni was pretty fair. Though unless I'm reading this wrong it sounds like she likes Pittsburgh better and just threw together an overall edge for Milwaukee because it's home. A.J. debates the issue with a Pittsburgh slant.

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