Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sour Kraut

Cabbage is good for you, mayonnaise is not:
  • Sometime in the last month the Blog of Burgher Jon crosses 1,000 visits and 1,500 page views (the page views came first). While these achievements pale in comparison to other blogs in the blogosphere and even the burghosphere it is nice to know that at least a handful of people are watching this young, "up and coming" blog.
  • The Casino project is back on schedule according to the Post-Gazette and the thing should open in September. That's impressive considering it was a month off schedule just about a month ago. Neil Bluhm must be handy with a hammer. I may have missed an update but is that "on schedule" with or without the amphitheater and boat slips? I will research this if no one comments with the answer.
  • Check out this sign in Lebo, "A vote for Obama is a vote for Socialism." It's actually only about 3oo yards from the house where I lived from the time I was 3 until after 1st grade. I know it's a conservative area, but it's also an educated area, let's try to raise the level of discourse not hurl crazy acusations. Especially at a time when both parties are supporting some pretty socialist fixes to the economy.

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