Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All Man

What do you think you're going to be doing at 83 years old? Gambling at nickel slots in the meadows? Riding a handicap assist to three church services a day? Testing a nurses patience with the call button? Performing at the peak level of your career, perfecting a year of work that may be your magnum opus and guarantee your status as a legend? If you went with option 4, then you are probably Joe Paterno. Joe will turn 83 on December 21 and probably will be pretending to care what his wife got the grand kids as he watches game film of his BCS bowl or (knock on wood) national title opponent.

All men have a secret dream of immortality, a wish that our productivity will never fade. A wish that people will always recognize us as the best in our chosen vocation. Joe Paterno is living that dream. Every time a pundit says it is time for him to retire, two more say "look at his team this year," and as I watch it unfold I like to think that Joe's somewhere watching it too, having a good high pitched laugh and wearing a wry, sly smile.

Originally written for the Pittsburgh Men's Blogging Society.

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