Monday, October 13, 2008


A couple anniversaries worth noting this day:
  • 25 years ago today the first cell phone call was made. It seems like it can't possibly have been that recently. I mean companies have come and gone in the cell phone industry (the first call was made by the president of Ameritech Mobile), a phone has gone from $4,000 to free, from 2 phones to 3.3 billion, and on and on... This has to have taken more then 25 years. By comparison, the first comercially produced car was made in 1888 but one could argue it wasn't until the 40s and the VW Beatle and similar cheap cars that cars became commonplace, that's 50 or 60 years. An interesting reflection how the pace of innovation has changed.
  • 48 years ago today Bill Mazeroski lifted his second (and last) CAREER post-season homerun over the wall at Forbes Field. How great would it be to have this anniversary marked in the pregame of a league championship game in PNC Park? Let's try to make it happen for the 50th anniversary.

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