Monday, October 27, 2008

Clearing up the confusion II

I thought that perhaps a word association game could clear up some of the confusion:

Not a Socialist
John McCain has a consistent record of supporting free enterprise, with one notable exception, the Bailout of 2008 in which he and other law makers proposed the government take partial ownership in private companies, in effect nationalizing some of industry.

Castro ruined Cuban Cigars by nationalizing the industry and forcing all of the truly capable cigar makers to the less fertile grounds of the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. Oh ya, he also nationalized pretty much everything else, making him a socialist (sorry, I'm a little bitter about the cigar thing).

Not a Socialist
Barack Obama has consistently backed free enterprise. In fact for several years he worked as an attorney. Attorneys are one of the most visible signs of a NON-socialist society, as one of their largest responsibilities is to protect individual rights and property. Obama has also managed to make a ridiculous sum of money by authoring two books, money which he kept for himself and did not give to the government.

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