Thursday, October 9, 2008

Entrepreneurship Sour Kraut in the Burgh and Out

Ooooh, good times, the title rhymes

First, outside the Burgh:
  • Venture funded entrepreneurship may have been one of the last places that the financial collapse had a meaningful impact, but that impact is being felt now. Angel Investor (that's a single investor with a lot of money who invests his/her own money) Ron Conway (famous for being an early investor with Google) has sent a letter advising those running his investments to run a tight ship.
  • Some previously successful entrepreneurs in Seattle are banding together to help keep Seattle's tech community well funded. I think this is the kind of thing that is built in to the Pittsburgh economy due to our diaspora and general loyalty, but it will be interesting to see if an organized effort becomes necessary to save the Pittsburgh tech community, who steps up and how.
In Pittsburgh:
  • A local company, Vivismo, is getting a lot of credit (I noticed it at Pittsburgh Ventures) for being moved in to Gartner's "Leader's Quadrant" (signifying that they are one of the best in bread in enterprise search). I have actually helped clients through architecting for Vivismo and have found that the clients are extremely pleased with the results. Congratulations to one of Pittsburgh's finest.

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