Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live Blogging Hermann on DVE

I know most people don't have the time to listen to Chad Hermann on WDVE this morning. So I'm going to write my comments out live and post them for you with nothing more then a spell check. Here we go:

"The straw that broke the back" hell of a communication consultant.

Randy is being pretty tough on Chad, I didn't really expect it. I thought he'd give him the CSB leniency.

For the record, someone saying "I wish he'd just die" on a comment in another blog. While it's tasteless, let's not confuse it with real deep malice.

I think he's right about the greatness of the blogosphere, furthermore the blogs that are crap die in a very Darwinian survival of the fittest. Taking a good blog off the blogoshpere isn't helping the process.

Randy is being very very tough, pulling out the Pausch stuff. Chad is playing in to it by actively critiquing a dead man's lecture. I do kind of agree with him, it was a good speech, but wouldn't have been a book if Prof. Pausch wasn't dying. I will give it to Chad, it takes balls to go on the radio and defend that though.

See note above, I wish he'd stop talking about the "death wishes" they are so not a big deal. If I had a dime for every time someone said "I wish he was dead"...

Did Chad Hermann just accuse everyone ELSE of selectively quoting?

Chad said that 8 pittsburgh blogs posted on his article "in the midst of the financial crisis." We talked about the financial crisis too and the Rich Lord article, and the budget. However, when you call us all idiots who are "lowering the level of discourse"... expect a response.

The Gary Roberts thing, I really think he doesn't get it. It's a frickin joke man. Did he enjoy the Chuck Norris jokes before they were Gary Roberts jokes?

It's over, I'm reminded how reasonable and articulate the man can be when he wants to be. I will miss that, the TWM before he started picking fights about Obama, Pausch, etc... Hopefully we'll see Chad again soon in a format that is a little less grating and a little more like this interview.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

Thanks for doing this, Jon. I was indisposed.

I'm really surprised the DVE guys elected to come down hard on him. I thought they were buddies with the CSB guys? Maybe Hermann is trying to brand himself as controversial -- the Howard Stern of letters, only more intellectual. Nah, that's too complicated -- maybe everyone just has a similar reaction to his work.

We wrote about his article during the financial crisis? He wrote the original article during the financial crisis! What were we supposed to do, suspend our blogs and go to Washington?