Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Out Post

I was about to write a LONG post about every issue I have with Chad Hermann (otherwise known as Teacher, Wordsmith, Madman) and his P-G article, the point of his article was to explain why he was quitting the Burghosphere. Instead I have decided to sum up Hermann's article in one sentence for all of my readers and consequently save them the 20 or 30 sleep-defying, yawn-inspiring minutes necessary to read Hermann's 2000+ word "post." Here's the bottom line:

Chad Hermann is a pompous asshole who, in typical form, grabbed a few select comments against him that were in poor taste and drew the conclusion that the entire Burghosphere is so inferior to him in intelligence that he can no longer trouble himself to share anymore of his overwhelmingly superior thoughts with us, the slightly retarded and highly delusional masses.

I have mentioned in everyone of my critiques (here, here and here) of Chad that he is an eloquent (if not absurdly long winded) writer and while that remains true, I say good riddance Mr. Hermann, I look forward to seeing evidence of your selective version of the truth and refusal to engage in open debate in the speeches of many failed republican candidates.

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