Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sour Kraut

Here are a few stories I intended to promote days ago:
  • Here's a pretty good highlight real from the McCain/Obama debate last week. I post it because I missed the debate and found a good highlight real VERY difficult to find.
  • It's a shame that Rich Lord put "billboard" in the title of his editorial this week. It analyzes some of the deeper issues, the most prominent of these (for me) being, why are none of the recommendations from the Mayor's consultant included in the budget? The sooner they're in a budget the sooner we can benefit from them. Instead he chooses to primarily rub old wounds by pointing out one of the planks of the report, maximizing billboard profits.
  • Another reminder of CSB's brilliance: "Testicles on Wall Street's Bronze Ball Return to Scrotum with News of Bailout"
  • The following point by Harold Miller, does not demand an entire post because he states it perfectly. So I've included it here:
Although Pittsburgh's current economic mix has helped "recession-proof" us in these challenging times, it should not be mistaken for good performance. Even in the midst of the recession, Boston and Denver had double the job growth rate we did, and jobs in Charlotte have increased 8 times as fast as in the Pittsburgh Region. If we're going to ever match that, we need to keep working to create a better business climate and to grow startup firms.

With the credit crisis growing, it will be particularly important to make sure that the small businesses in our region can get the financing they need to stay in business and to take advantage of growth opportunities.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Reporters don't get to write their own headlines -- that's usually an editorial thing. I know that reporters often are as dismayed by the headlines they read above their articles as regular consumers.

Burgher Jon said...

Forgiven: Rich Lord
On The Hook: P-G Staff

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

Thanks, Burgher Jon.