Thursday, October 16, 2008

Techy Sour Kraut

A few things I noticed from the techy business world that I think have some general appeal in the blogosphere. It's Kraut with a side of silicon:
  • YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley gave an interesting speech in which he compared the internet video industry to the TV industry of the 40s. There was only one big player (YouTube, CBS), it was hard to sell advertising, content owners (Movie Companies and Stage Acts, Movie Companies and TV Stations) were wary of losing money, etc... TechCrunch has the full speach as well as Michael Arrington's notes.
  • Technocrati has purchased AdEngage, I think that Technorati, either on their own or after being acquired by one of the big boys (Google, Yahoo or AOL) is just a good, condensced reader away from being the main site in blogging. With the AdEngage acquisition they may be able to monetize that power and make a good living.

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