Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why the Debate Didn't Matter

From a conservative blogger on the debate last night:
McCain needed Obama to show up drunk. He didn’t.
That's good stuff. Personally, I agree. McCain looked better then he has, Obama looked worse, but I still think Obama won. However, I don't think it matters. Here's the election in Algebraic terms:
  1. People hate the current financial crisis. (People's Hate = Current Economy)
  2. For some reason people believe the president controls the economy. (Current Economy = Current President)
  3. The current president is a Republican. (Current President = Republican)
  4. John McCain is a Republican. (Republican = John McCain)
  5. Therefor, people hate John McCain QED
If McCain is going to win he has to change one of those statements. Statement 2 is unfortunately a fact of politics, an unfair one, but an unchangeable fact none-the-less. Statement 3 won't change before November 4. So John McCain has two chances of winning (alter statement 2 or statement 4).
  1. He comes out tomorrow and says that he is no longer a republican and that he has never agreed with Bush and hopes Republicans will vote for him anyway since he's not black. Part of me actually wonders if someone in his camp hasn't mentioned this to him.
  2. The economy goes through a miraculous recovery. It's not going to happen in three weeks, just flat out WILL NOT happen.
I think Obama can start working on a thrilling acceptance speech. I think I know a good candidate for the Secretary of Defense, a real maverick... more on that another day.

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