Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Must Be Kidding...

I have tried to stay out of the presidential politics fray the past few weeks because I know all of my readers are getting plenty of it elsewhere. However, as a devoted Christian I could not let this pass. The video below is of a speech given by a pastor in Iowa moments before McCain took the stage. He implies (unbelievably) that the Christian God backs McCain and that if Obama wins believers from other faiths will think that their God is bigger then our God. For this reason he implores God to defend his reputation and make McCain win.

I'll let that sink in.

I don't think much of a response is even necessary, but I'll give a multi-point one here for fun:
  • In case you haven't heard him screaming at the top of his lungs, Obama is a Christian. That is to say, he says he is a Christian. Which is all any person who we don't know personally can do, and God commands us not to judge one's faith.
  • Can you think of anything less Godly then presidential politics? I imagine you would be more likely to see a work of God in a crack den then in an election.
  • God isn't so much worried about his reputation. I believe, as I imagine this pastor does, that if God wanted to He could arrange the stars in the sky to read "I'm here, obey me. Signed, God." That would give Him a few converts, certainly more then helping McCain win the election would. For whatever reason, I think I'll leave the big picture planning to God, He has decided to let us come to Him by faith. A little presumptuous to ask God to mess with that master plan so your guy wins the election, don't you think?
  • Perhaps a more appropriate "prayer" might have been, "I hope Obama doesn't win because it might mean that the politicians have no use for the Christian Right anymore. If politicians and the Fox News / Rush Limbaugh crowd stop thumping the bible nonsensically, I'm going to have to go back to the measly salary I made as a non-political, non-propaganda, charitable, tolerant, universally loving, CHRISTIAN pastor."
  • McCain did an interview yesterday in which he criticized Obama for not calling out the people on the far left who spread lies about him (and make no mistake there are some). In the same interview he said he felt justified in criticizing Obama because he has been calling out the people on his side who spread lies about Obama. Well sir, you let a pastor tell a crowd at YOUR rally that the Christian God endorses you, I think that entitles Obama to say whatever the hell he wants.

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Mary Lynn said...

"He has decided to let us come to Him by faith."
"He" "Him" "His" !!!!
+What if God is not a "him" at all but a "Her" and what if "She " is just a bit tired of seeing Her children denegrate one another over things like "power" and "the economy" and "war"?
+And what if "She" is really tired of waiting for food and shelter to "trickle down" to her children who are the least of these? ...and of watching as we build ever higher and stronger the dam that holds back the waters of justice from her oppressed? ...and of listening to the ground crying out with the blood of war's fallen victims?
+And what if "She" is really very sick and tired of having her name used in vain to exploit the fears and dreams of us all?

Then SHE will shed a tear over our pain and send us broken heroes to lead us on and love us all the more. Because She has shown us that love is the only path - everything else is just chaos.