Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ignoring the Election

This Sour Kraut is pretending it's in Germany, 6000 miles from the closest polling place:
  • I was going to post a comment on a post entitled "Scrapiness Factor" posted on Pittsburgh Ventures, but they appear to have taken down the post. I want to delay my reaction in case they took it down because they no longer agree with the content. If it resurfaces I'll say my peace.
  • Null Space continues to follow the difference between Cleveland's implosion and our relative lack of one (citing one source that shows Cleveland with nearly 5 times the foreclosures). With all of the dynamics of a shared Cleveburgh, how long can we go separate paths?
  • Fred had an interesting post at a vc. It was interesting for two reasons, first was the obligatory "this slump is going to be a long one because we're going to spend money delevering instead of buying things." The second was a theory that Ventures will not be as hard hit because they rarely incur a lot of debt. An interesting idea, but they also require a fertile economy to flourish. We'll see how it unfolds.
I know those thoughts are a little scattered, but I wanted to give you something to chew on while I get through this crazy week.

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