Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is It Baseball Season Yet?

So I have failed to post for several days, mostly because it was a circus of a weekend. Personally, I had a great time back in the Burgh with friends, family and girlfriend. However, Football-wise, I had one of the worst weekends on record. I have now canceled two hotel rooms (one for me and one for my brother) on Southbeach the week of the national championship game. While I like the Rose Bowl, this team was just too talented (and Iowa too weak) to end up without a whiff of the championship.

I also managed a ticket to the Steelers game courteousy of the fact that my girlfriend's uncle works for the Colts. The bad news is that myself, my girlfriend and several friends sat with the colts wives and other assorted blue and white clad lunatics. Some of these lunatics were quite unfriendly when the Colts finally won. Fortunately, we made it out without losing our cool and getting hand cuffed like Luke Ravenstahl, but it was not a pleasent walk out of the stadium. By the way, PittGirl's "What They Were Thinking" post this week had the picture above. I have a correction, Reggie Wayne was not pointing to the heavens, he was pointing at ME (more likely one of the Colts' family members sitting near me, but I took it personally).

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