Monday, November 24, 2008

Pitt Football

I try not to talk about Pitt's Football program very often. Mostly because, when I point out that unranked Pitt who plays in a conference where the highest ranked team is 16th is not a peer to Penn State, people in Pittsburgh get irrationally upset. When I point out then Penn State has won two national championships since Pitts last one, I get frowns. When I point out that Pitt has never played in a BCS bowl despite playing in the Big Least, I get stuff thrown at me.

However, I would like to take this moment to review what appears to me to be the state of Pitt Football. I could not resist pointing out that this statement from Ron Cook might be the understatement of the century, "[LeSean McCoy going pro] severely will damage the Pitt program next season. McCoy is a major reason Pitt is headed to its first bowl game under Wannstedt, in his fourth season."

You think, Ron?, In the couple Pitt games that I've been able to watch it has appeared to me that McCoy is the offense. McCoy going pro will return Pitt to bowless seasons and bitter whining about Penn State's suprmemecy.

In the long run, I hope that McCoy will be unable to convince the Pitt Football program that Dave Wannstedt is a good coach, because he is not. While I would never want to see Pitt become a better football program then Penn State, I would not mind seeing them be a better football program then they are now. It would make friendly Pitt vs PSU arguements more fun.


Anonymous said...

Sigh -- PSU fans and facts NEVER mix well.

Shady is staying in School

Pitt played in a BCS game in 2005.

The friendly rivally ended cause Joe Pa refused to play Pitt - fear, lack of insight and ego prevailed.

Now go back into the state college hole for the next 9 months. There is nothing of value for you until next season!

Burgher Jon said...

Correction, they did as Anonymous implies play in a BCS game in 2005. They lost to Utah, a team from the Mountain West Conference. I was going to make fun of the mountain west conference, but as I look through the ESPN ranks I spot two Mountain West teams ranked ahead of the Big Least Conference Champs.