Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PittGirl's Last Gift to the Burghosphere?

I'm sure this is an unintended consequence and it certainly does not make up for the fact that I couldn't read PittGirl's opinion this morning, but I speculate that the entire Burghosphere received a little bump from the MSM yesterday. The Post-Gazette published a story yesterday afternoon and Pop City and the Trib went to press with it this morning. Additionally, the Post-Gazette and Trib both published editorials. That's just print; KDKA covered it this morning, WPXI got it tuesday afternoon and updated it tuesday evening.

I noticed on my blog that visits were up about 200% while rms feeds were only up by a handful. The traffic wasn't coming from any place in particular... mostly the usual referals just more of them. My theory is that there was just more traffic in general. Hopefully this traffic sees something they like either here or elsewhere in the blogosphere and we can grow a little.


Three said...

Seriously. My hits have probably tripled due to my small post about PG. But you know, the Burghosphere is kinda typical of the region -- someone takes a big hit, we lament the loss, but stand right back up and move on -- and maybe we're a little tighter than we were before. And also in true 'burgh style, if PG wants/needs a hand, there's obviously a ton that would be offered.

The reactions that I'm seeing are just another shining example of why I love this town.

Sherry said...

me too.