Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sour Kraut

This kraut, really is all over the place:
  • Go Red Raiders!!! If you don't know why, then you probably don't want me to explain, but it has to do with Penn State playing for a National Championship.
  • I have way too many friends from Philly who have spent way too much time antagonizing me over the Pirates matching Phillies' record for ineptitude (16 straight losing seasons) and the Phillies winning the World Series in the SAME year. The sports god owes me, and I'm looking to cash in this football season.
  • MTV Music has a cool new video site up. They're keeping it kind of a secret though. The last I heard is an MTV rep said it was intended more for web publishers to find a video and embed it then it was to be used as an actual site. I have complied, by posting one of (if not the) greatest music videos ever made. Seriously, watch the video. Johnny made it only months before he passed.
  • A blogger I follow closely because he's a very insightful guy pointed something interesting out about the current financial mess and all of the talking heads that call for the end of the world, "Don't listen to anybody. Nobody knows what's going to happen next... Better to be contrarian in times like these then not."
  • All Things D, a tech blog, looked at John McCain's record on technology and found "While he has long cultivated an image as a maverick, when it comes to technology issues, he rarely strays from the GOP tech policy position books." That's not a good reason to vote for him.
  • When will the Blackberry Storm be out already? I need a new phone and my new-every-two is burning a hole in my pocket!
  • Congratulations to Mayor Ravenstahl and his Wife. If anything can inspire maturity in a young man, it's having children.

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