Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sour Kraut

A whole bunch of things caught my eye as I flipped through the evening's Post-Gazette.
  1. The pension fund is in serious serious serious trouble. If the markets were up 25% this year instead of down 25%, the pension fund would be in serious serious serious trouble. I am impressed that Ravenstahl seems to be taking some responsible steps to deal with it (namely, involving Harrisburg early, letting younger employees opt out and allocating some extra funds). Let's just hope that those (and a rapid economic recovery are enough to pull out of this,.
  2. Another thought on the article... Couldn't the title mention something about the fact that Ravenstahl and the committee are enacting plans to deal with it, rather then just saying money was lost.
  3. City Council and Hilary Clinton might have to do the politically noble thing and turn down some money. The Clinton story is interesting, did Obama (A constitutional law professor) violate constitutional law in his appointment?
  4. The Special Election will be 2/5
  5. Chelsea Wagner is NOT going to run for mayor. I think she'd lose, so if I were her close friend I would certainly have advised her not to run. However, as a Pittsburgher I think it's a shame that there's unlikely to be a serious threat to Ravenstahl, apologies to Mark R.
  6. The Pirates have decided NOT to lower ticket prices. After hinting that they would, they instead decided to keep them the same. Of course that didn't stop them from pretending that they were keeping them the same "difficult economic climate." Sometimes I just want to smack the buccos. I love them, but sometimes they just break my heart.
  7. Speaking of the bucs breaking my heart... Jack Wilson will be gone, and soon. I know it's the right baseball decision, but it still hurts to see a great Pittsburgher leave the town.

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