Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Alive Sour Kraut

Though work and family have given me a run for my money the last few days, I am indeed still quite alive. I apologize for the massive delay in posting, but I'm sure you all managed to survive without me.

Now, the tasty bits of cabbage:
  • Burgher's farewell from Bram has a peculiar comment thread. The Judge and O have some hilarious musings. Maybe the Judge was Burgher, after all, it is widely assumed the Burgher had inside information, and who has more info then a Judge?
  • How bad are cell phone carriers? Check out this NY Times piece that speculates how much money they must be making on text messages. A text message is so small you could send it by carrier pigeon for $.20 and still make a margin. Ridiculous.
  • Interesting post over at The World of Threes. Keep an eye on him, he's writing some good stuff. Three, any chance you make it so I can read your whole post in my RSS reader?


Three said...

I'll take a look and see what I can do, amigo! I'm sure there's just some little button that I didn't bother to click.

And thanks for the props! My world is definitely weird, but sometimes some interesting stuff does pop out. :D

Three said...

Think I got it ... shoot me a mail if it's now working. (Having post-work stress relief beer -- results not guaranteed! LOL.)