Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who in the world is Carmen Robinson?

She's running for mayor. The interview with Sheldon Ingram makes her sound like an intelligent, viable candidate for mayor. At the end Sheldon points out that name recognition and political qualifications may be an issue. Let me just say that if Matt at Pittsburgh Hoagie is beating the P-G and Trib to a story on you, you're not on peoples radar. That's not a dig on Matt, I'd feel the same way if I had written the post.

In the two minutes on KDKA she seemed like the kind of person I'd vote for, but unfortunately that's all going to get lost in the fray. Luke has way too much money and local sway for anyone other then a respected, revered, qualified and spotless local to come anywhere close.


Matt H said...

Thanks for the mention.

Matt H said...

Would love to trade additions to blog rolls with you.

Anonymous said...

www.carmenformayor.com is now live