Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Carbolic Smoke Ball Hits Another One Out of the Park

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Obama to Name Fonzarelli Secretary of Cool

fonzieWASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama will hold a news conference this morning to announce that he is naming Arthur Fonzarelli as his Secretary of Cool.

Mr. Fonzarelli, or “the Fonz,” as he is known to his colleagues in the greater Milwaukee motorcross/juvenile delinquent communities, is the final appointee to the Obama cabinet.

Attempts to reach Mr. Fonzarelli for comment at his upper-garage apartment or at his office in the men’s room of a popular teenage soda shop were unsuccessful.

It is believed that he spent the weekend at Inspiration Point with the Hooper triplets preparing for his new job.

As head of the Department of Cool, Secretary Fonzarelli will be in charge of implementing President Obama’s oft-stated campaign pledge to restore America’s cool in the world.

According to Obama spokesman Bill Burton, the new Secretary knows just how to get the job done.

“Secretary Fonzarelli has instructed me to release the following statement: ’All nerds in the department are to clean out their desks and be off department property by five o’clock eastern standard time. The purging of nerds will hasten the return of our cool. Aayyyyy.’”

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