Sunday, January 4, 2009

Investing Pittsburgh: I'll Stay

That's "stay" as opposed to "hit." The market is going to move one way or another this week, and probably pretty big. I'm worried it'll be down. Consequently, I'm selling some of our positions before the week gets going, I want to take some of the profit out. Since I'm running this fund with no commissions or short-term gain taxes, I might as well take some money out. We can always buy back in later in the week. I'm selling all of our PPG at 43.55 and all of our HNZ at 38.93.

Note: If you're following along at home and do have to worry about commissions and taxes, don't worry about staying in PPG and HNZ. They're both solid dividend stocks at a pretty cheap price, they'll be fine in the long run. In fact I'm maintaining both positions in my personal account.

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