Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Investing Pittsburgh: Ouch, was that the sky falling?

Early weather reports this morning call for falling prices with a hint of panic. I could say I told you so, but instead I'll offer the following morning numbers to help you choke down your lunch:
  • US Steel down 4%
  • Alcoa down 8%
  • PPG down 2.5%
Fortunately, if you've been following along our portfolio is down to only two stocks for the short term:
  • PNC which is UP 1.4%
  • Heinz which is down less then a percent.
Looks like we may have gotten it right. Though I guess we'll see. I'm not sure how much farther PPG and US Steel have to fall before they become a steal (pun intended).

Investing Pittsburgh is a regular part of this blog. It details the ins and outs of a mock portfolio of Pittsburgh Stocks invested and managed by me. For a list of all of the previous "Investing Pittsburgh" posts, click here.

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