Friday, January 9, 2009

Kraut so Sour it Stings

No hot dog or kielbasa nonsense, straight to the bullets... mmmmm:
  • It appears Penn State might have a basketball team after all. Interesting, I'll keep you posted as news develops.
  • Kevin McClatchy's ownership stake in the Pirates = 0%, it's about time! Now we'll need 10 years of "rebuilding" before I can stop wearing this shirt.
  • Fast Food pulls a Fast One - McDonald's is replacing the Double Cheeseburger with the McDouble on the dollar menu. The difference? One slice of cheese instead of two. The double cheeseburger is still available, for $1.19.

Note: you can't get sour kraut at McDonald's.

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Three said...

@fast food: You know, this doesn't bug me at all -- I can't eat McBeast cheese. Eating a double cheeseburger always left me clutching my stomach afterward (it's my hangover relief food). However, order it sans cheese, and I am (relatively) fine. So, with the changes, I'll have to remember to order a McDouble (sans 1 slice of cheese) instead of a double cheeseburger minus (2 slices of cheese) -- because, according to the posts following the article, I'll be charged a $1.19 for the DC and .99 for the McDouble. I guess it costs more labor-wise not to put the cheese on it. Or something.

Oh Ronald, you and your shenanigans ... just had to have that jewel-encrusted clown car, right?