Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now That's a Newspaper

Well there's some interesting stuff going on in the Burgh:
  • Patrick Dowd may run for mayor. I bet there are a bunch of people wishing they had more firmly backed Barack Obama right now. A little endorsement or even the right to say "I was for change nationally, and I'm for change locally" would go a long way right now.
  • Mayor Ravenstahl and Dan Onorato Embrace Limits on Campaign Financing. I was as shocked as you guys, they both have more then a little lead in HUGE campaign donations. I am anxious to see what Bram and others who follow these things closer have to say about this. It sounds like a good law to me, limiting campaign contributions to roughly federal levels and prohibiting encumbants from using funds leftover from before the law. The individual limits seem high at $4,600, but it's still a great step I think.
  • Fiscal Responsibility in Mt. Lebanon. AWESOME. I thought for sure they were going to end up with a school they didn't need at a price the community could not afford. FYI, my mother is a Mt. Lebanon tax payer and home owner.
  • Onorato to Host Cyber Town Hall. Got to give the guy props for trying to bring the oldest county outside of Florida in to the 21st century. Though things like this are kind of unfair, since it uses county resources and doesn't offer a rebuttal.


Schultz said...

I wrote about Dowd running for Mayor last March. Out of anyone on city council, or in local government for that matter, Dowd was the most visible Obama supporter, and was the first to get on the bandwagon.

If Dowd can run a campaign like the one he ran to win his city council race back in April of '07 he has a chance to defeat Ravenstahl.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Well, the limits are ridiculously high (city council limits higher than Presidential limits? hello?), and I think there are some loopholes in the legislation besides. I just got my copy of the proposal and I'm sure I'll have more.

Schultz, you said he'd run in the fall as an Indy, right? Well, "I am a Democrat so I'll be running in the primary." That took me off guard, but hey. I agree I think he has a shot, I don't care what MacYapper says. But we need to keep Dowd and Shields from obliterating one another somehow. Any ideas?

Schultz said...

Yes, and I think Dowd is smart for running in the spring as a Dem since there is pretty much 0% chance of anyone other than a Democrat winning in the general election.

The best way to avoid another 2005 primary is to talk about 2005. Blog about it. Dowd knows he has to get in the race sooner rather than later. I think he has a better shot than Shields, although, if Dowd doesn't get in the race I will throw my support behind the non-Luke Steelerstahl candidate who has the best prospects of winning. Right now all we have for certain is Carmen Robinson, who, according to someone who has met with her recently, doesn't seem to be a promising candidate.