Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Market Square

I'm a huge fan of the plan for Market Square (WTAE has the best story).

I'm a big fan of walking over to PNC Park from the southside and stopping off on the way back at Primanti's in market square. I've frequently joked with my friends in other cities about getting a 23 oz beer for 2.25 in the middle of downtown after watching a baseball game in scalped primo seats for $10. However, Market Square is a little dark and shady when the games go in to the night (particularly ones with 8pm starts). That's why I'm a huge fan of a brighter, more pedestrian friendly Market Square. What do you like about the plans? Objections?

Also, for the record, Mayor Ravenstahl made the announcement but none of the money is coming from the city. I don't know just how much credit he deserves for having pulled this one together. This has PDP written all over it.

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