Friday, March 27, 2009

How Far can Pedro Alvarez Hit the Ball?

Pedro Alvarez, the Pirates #1 pick in last July's draft has had an exciting spring. Reaching base in half of his appearances and clubbing three homeruns. What's really exciting is just how far he can hit the ball though, we're talking Stargel far here. Rumor has it that he hit batting practice OVER the pond outside field 1 at Pirate City. I was curious, so I grabbed a google shot of Pirate City and another one from PNC Park. I made a line that represented a homerun right down the line, over the pond. I then made a hash mark at first base (click the picture to blow it up, look close). Copied the line, pasted it on to PNC Park and resized it so the hash mark touches first base. By this (admittedly crude) estimation I have him knocking the ball not just in to the Allegheny, but in to the DEEP waters, over the kayakers for sure.

Originally Posted for The Pittsburgh Mens Blogging Society

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