Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Crazy Enough to Work?

Here's my thought this morning, the Pirates should sign Manny Ramierez to a 3 year 55 million dollar deal.

Stop laughing, get control of yourself.

The Dodgers don't want to sign him for more then two. Which has the price range high (even for the best slugger in baseball). Rumor is that they're close to a 43 million dollar two year deal. The Pirates (or any other team) could probably step in with 55 million over 3 years and get him. A three year contract would likely have an unusual structure, say 10 million the first year 20 the second and 25 in the third.

Ok, the numbers have you not laughing anymore and now you're just confused why the buccos would do such a thing. Here's my thinking, you shouldn't have to be a big market team to rent a player. I would have every intention of trading Ramierez in July to a contender. You see, no one wants to sign Manny now, but in July some almost-a-contender team with too much money will start to get desperate looking for that fabled "missing piece" (think Marian Hossa last year for the Pens). If all went really well I'd see it working out like this:

We hire manny on the 10, 20, 25 contract I outlined before. Ticket sales in Pittsburgh spike. We end up just over .500 heading in to the July trading deadline. That should be good enough to convince our trading partners that we just might be crazy enough to keep Ramierez. Consequently, teams sweeten up their deals. We trade Ramierez to LA or Boston or Philly or Somebody for a few mid-level prospects and manage not to fall under .500 the rest of the way. We end up paying Ramierez about 7 million to be with us for a little more then half a season. Most of that money will be recouped in ticket and jersey sales (especially if the last few weaks of the season people are coming out to see us hit .500), the rest can be justified by the new prospects.

I know it's unconventional, but hey, we're not going to win the series with a 50 million dollar payroll unless we think outside the box.


Three said...

But we have those javelin throwers from India! That's not outside of the box enough for ya? :P

Burgher Jon said...

We actually have two. That was almost as outside the box as the Manny move just on a smaller scale. Don't kid yourself, the javelin players have a 2% chance of making the majors (and that's generous). However, the indian press the Pirates get is worth something, same with the few extra tickets to Pirate City this year. Those contracts are probably close enough to paying for themselves that its worth it for the 2% that one of them becomes a real pitcher.

By the way, I discussed them here as well. They're keeping a blog!