Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's a "Buzz" around Pirate Training Camp

From Today's P-G:
"Dude, there's a buzz here."
"I don't know. There just is, I'm telling you. It's a positive buzz."
"To be totally honest, this is the most fun I've ever had in a spring training,"
I've never felt it like this ... this atmosphere."
Guys have been getting at it, they've been focused"
"you're seeing the pitchers really focus on what Joe tells them because they're seeing it click."
"We're building on the energy, passion that the staff brings,"
"We're winning because we're doing things the right way,"

I know Dejan (the Pirate Reporter at the P-G) has to write something, but do people actually read this and go, "This year will be different!"?

A quick Google Search led to this article about the 2001 Bucs

"[The New Stadium] can provide much-needed energy for this team"
"people yelling for you, it can go a long way"
"The whole atmosphere's going to be awesome"
"There should be a much more positive attitude on this team."
"Everybody else has done their part in getting this stadium built, now we've got to do our part."

They of course did not do their part and lost over 100 games that year. I'm just saying, don't write me a puff piece. Tell me how one of the prospects is doing in his first taste of big-league (even if it's spring training) play. Tell me how the injured guys are doing. Print me the box score. Don't tell me who smiled.

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