Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the Trains in the Southside

Why did Mike Madison write in his Revitalization of Pittsburgh Part III that, "Major railroad rights of way still impede public access, especially across much of the South Side."

I live on the South Side, and the only reason they bother me is that they keep people who stay at my house awake at night. I'm sure he had a reason, I just don't know what it is. What access does it impede?

P.S. Is the Maglev project seriously still alive? Somehow it's still alive, but no closer to being finished, "The grant is the largest federal commitment to the project so far, but construction would still be well into the future."


C. Briem said...

Mike may have other examples.. but the biggest is the bike trail can't be completed to connect city's trail system near Sandcastle... Rail and sandcastle are both using narrow bit of land and getting trail access has been a long issue. But it is holding up completion of the Pgh to DC Great Allegheny Passage. No feasible road detour for the segment that is missing. Biking down 837 there would be near suicide.

Burgher Jon said...

Chris, thanks for dropping by the blog, I was afraid everyone might forget about me in my few month leave.

I know about the trail access by sand castle, but that's not exactly south side. The trail in south side works in nice harmony with the rail tracks (besides the occasional REALLY loud train).